About us

SCRD : Tomorrow's product since 1862

SCRD is part of the ERD group, founded in 1826 and still family owned. The headquarters, production and R&D are located in Le Havre (Normandy/France), 200 kilometers West of Paris.

Before it was called SCRD, the Company was known as « Compagnie Française des Extraits Tannants et Tinctoriaux ». This company was founded in 1862 and joined the ERD group in 1985.

Under the SCRD name, the company is more than ever a vegetable specialist. SCRD designs, manufactures and sells worldwide, products aimed at such industries as Tanneries, Biology, Textile and to numerous other industries requiring our products.

From the beginning, SCRD has been engaged in sustainable development, based on a responsible use of natural resources, with a double objective :

  • To guarantee good quality supplies
  • To be certain not to endanger the species we are interested in

Since 2005, we own a plantation in Southern Nicaragua. We have planted there more than 10.000 trees containing either tannin or dyes.

We thus want to remain a leader in the discovery and validation of new vegetables for new applications, with a special emphasis on recycling, valorising by-products and, more generally, on sustainable development.

Our quality insurance procedures, developed long before we were granted the ISO 9001 certification (1997), have given us a well owned reputation of reliability concerning the quality of our products.

More than 85 % of our sales are exported towards Europe, Asia and the Americas.