Natural tannin & vegetable extracts by Vegdyes

Since 1862 SCRD creates, manufactures and sells exceptional tannins and natural dyestuff for textile, tannery and cytology. Expertise, R&D and environmental friendliness are the key words for our company. SCRD is always looking for the best vegetable extract to offer you the best possible quality

On this site, you will find SCRD's main vegetable dyestuff, in formats studied for small companies : logwood (Haematoxylum Campechianum), brasiletto, sumac, yellow myrobalan (terminalia chebula) and a lot of other dyestuff, which have been used for centuries in numerous applications !

Natural dyestuff of quality for clothes

Our taninns offer the highest quality for textile and manufacturing. Easy to use our tannins are also resistant and whatever the chosen medium. Engaged through a charter Quality Manager, we maintain a certain level of demand in our search of vegetable extract as well as the implementation of a quality service.

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